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Product quality and dedicated service are always the guiding principles of Sanitec Vietnam, bringing the best experience to customers.


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Outstanding advantages

of Sanitec Vietnam

Quality service

Commitment to using products and methods to kill insects quickly, safely and effectively. Free survey and consultation support within 24 hours.

Professional team

The team of experts at Sanitec has extensive experience and professionalism at every step of the process. 100% of technical staff are selected and trained by the Ministry's schools.

Diverse solutions

Providing a variety of separate solutions that can be combined singly or combined with multiple services to flexibly meet the level of damage, scale and customer requirements.

Advanced technology

Sanitec Vietnam always updates the most advanced technology in insect control to bring customers the most optimal solutions."

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Tailored solutions for each customer

Sanitec's pest control service will depend on actual reqirements and conditions, thereby providing the most optimal solutinon for customers.

Implement the IPM synthesis method

Sanitec aims to both eliminate pests and prevent their return using the IPM method, prioritizing human and environmental safety.

After-sales Service and Warranty

Sanitec Vietnam performs periodic inspections, timely problem solving and 24/7 support, ensuring customer satisfaction as well as the effectiveness of pest control services.

What is outstanding about the insect control service at Sanitec?


Quick response
Quick response

Our staff will contact you within 2 hours of receiving notification and begin processing within 24 hours.


Medicines and chemicals are licensed for use and guaranteed not to cause harm to health or the environment.

Dedicated team
Dedicated team

Our staff receives regular training, provides accurate solutions and follows the regulatory procedures for which they have been trained.

Long term warranty
Long term warranty

Our pest control services are warranted throughout the contract term.

Customers and partners of Sanitec

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Update the latest activities with Sanitec Vietnam

Disinfection Spraying at Hanoi International School: Sanitec Vietnam's Dedication to Safety and Health

Disinfecting schools is an extremely important thing to do to ensure a safe learning environment for students.

A comprehensive insect control survey at hotels in Hanam Update the latest activities with Sanitec Vietnam.

Sanitec Vietnam conducts surveys and evaluates the hazard level to establish the best treatment plan.


Nhiều người cho rằng gián là loài vật vô hại nên không quan tâm tới vấn đề loại bỏ gián trong nhà mình. Vậy theo khoa học, gián có thật sự là loại động vật vô hại, gián có khả năng gây bệnh hay không? Hãy cùng Sanitec tham khảo những thông tin về gián và cách để loại bỏ chúng nếu gián là sinh vật có hại cho sức khỏe con người nhé

Dịch Vụ Diệt Côn Trùng TẬN GỐC, AN TOÀN Của Sanitec Việt Nam

Ngày nay, người dân có nhu cầu cao về việc loại bỏ côn trùng gây hại trong nhà, văn phòng hoặc cơ sở kinh doanh để hướng đến một lối sống lành mạnh và an toàn. Nhờ vậy, các dịch vụ diệt côn trùng có điều kiện phát triển mạnh mẽ để phục vụ cho số đông khách hàng.

Giải Pháp Diệt Côn Trùng Chuyên Nghiệp Cho Doanh Nghiệp

Sẽ là nỗi ám ảnh lớn khi văn phòng của bạn có sự xuất hiện của các loại côn trùng đáng ghét như muỗi, kiến, gián, chuột. Chúng không chỉ phá hoại các vật dụng trong văn phòng mà còn có thể đe dọa tới sức khỏe của chúng ta nếu không tiêu diệt tận gốc.

Customer Reviews

Lotte representative

With an infrastructure as extensive as ours, pest control is essential. Choosing a quality insect extermination unit is something worth thinking about. We chose Sanitec Vietnam because the technology platform and methods from Korea are very suitable for us.

Lotte representative
Phenikaa representative

School is a place where attention needs to be paid to keeping it safe and clean, especially the cafeteria area. After 1 month of using Sanitec's comprehensive insect control service, we feel extremely satisfied and no longer see cockroaches or mice. Besides, the school's technical support team is very enthusiastic.

Phenikaa representative
Nasco representative

Sanitec Vietnam has conquered us with "Quality, Safety, Dedication, Accuracy - Science". Nasco Restaurant System is extremely satisfied with what the company brings, thanks to the Sanitec team.

Nasco representative


Depending on each insect control service, Sanitec Company has different designs and warranty policies for customers.
After the insect treatment and extermination process is completed and accepted, if the customer encounters or proves that the drugs we use are ineffective or cannot control insects. Sanitec Vietnam will come to survey and reprocess. Reprocessing part or all of the customer area does not incur any additional costs.

After insecticide spraying, it is necessary to wait for one hour for the airborne particles to settle. During that time, you can re-enter your home and resume normal activities. The insecticide has a long-lasting residual effect on contact surfaces. Insects that come into contact with these surfaces will be exposed to the insecticide and gradually die.

SANITEC uses genuine imported chemicals and insecticides, has an MSDS safety certificate from the manufacturer and is permitted by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam to circulate and use them to control and kill harmful insects in the area. Therefore, if used according to the advice of Sanitec experts, these chemicals are safe for humans and pets.

Pest control is the process of managing, controlling, treating, and removing harmful insects from the area where you live or from the area where you do business. Pests can cause problems affecting human health, facilities, goods, food, and the environment.
How does the pest control service work? Pest control services are provided by units and companies that provide solutions to control, treat, and destroy specific types of harmful insects, such as flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, termites, rats, and other species of common pests. They will carry out insect treatment on your behalf, using their best skills and experience to help you get rid of the invasion of harmful insects.

For everything to go smoothly, you should prepare a few steps before calling the pest control unit to handle and solve the problems you are having.  

Identify the type of insect by pictures, droppings, and tracks to know what problem you are encountering. Or you can call Sanitec to survey if you want to treat synthetic insects in a larger area. Store items such as food, dining table, dish area, kitchen area, aquarium, etc. that you do not want insecticide to adhere to during treatment. When the Pest Control Officer arrives, present them with the insect tracks for quick and accurate identification. Please arrange time to go outside the treatment area so as not to obstruct the spraying process. After spraying is completed, the time to work and resume normal operations will be 1 hour. Always cooperate with Sanitec during the processing process to get the best acceptance for you and your area.